Featured In The Unbodied Air: Art Reception

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Featured In The Unbodied Air: Art Reception

Sat Dec 16

6:00 pm (event ends at 8:00 pm)


This event is 21 and over

Featured In The Unbodied Air: Art Reception
Featured In The Unbodied Air: Art Reception
Brooklyn-based artist Rick Midler is proud to present Featured in the Unbodied Air, a solo exhibition of new work in his debut show at the premier event space, Littlefield, Brooklyn.

Midler creates surrealistic ink works of figures in the clouds. Using calligraphy and cloudforms, he illustrates vignettes of togetherness, confidence, creation and generosity. Moments where human souls merge with eternal spirit.

This series revolves around a dynamic piece titled Big Bang Boom, in which Midler honors the influx of people into his world once he was shown how his artwork has helped others. He relates this to the cosmological model which describes how the universe expanded from a high density, high temperature state. He elaborates, “We are all creators and we all experience our own Big Bangs on individual and personal levels.” The exhibition also features Midler’s mural done in April 2017, which uses the Big Bang Boom premise to invite a thriving community into Little River, Miami, as well as a selection of artwork that explores similar themes.

While the majority of the pieces are displayed as simple line drawings, others like Support of the Family and Bolt, employ various manual techniques such as ink wash and collage. The individual Big Bang Boom prints (Black Cherry, Blood Orange and Pure Gold) are finished with a variety of digital techniques which create a more luxurious look to the work.

The show’s title borrows from a passage in Melville’s Moby Dick in which the narrator struggles to see Captain Ahab’s true spirit and searches for it in The Unbodied Air.

In conjunction with the Littlefield exhibit, the artist will be giving event ticket holders a 20% discount on the prints. Email info@rickmidler.com for more details.
Venue Information:
635 Sackett St
Brooklyn, NY, 11217