NERD NITE: Creepy Death and Cyborgs

NERD NITE: Creepy Death and Cyborgs

Fri, March 10, 2017

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

$10.00 - $14.00

Tickets at the Door

This event is 21 and over

*** 6:30PM entry ONLY for guests with tickets for TRIVIA *** Guests with tickets for PRESENTATIONS ONLY will be admitted at 8:15PM *** Presentations begin at 8:30PM ***

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NERD NITE: Creepy Death and Cyborgs
NERD NITE: Creepy Death and Cyborgs
Nerd Nite NYC is baaaaaaaack on Friday the 13th of October. Find us at Littlefield in Brooklyn for a chilling evening of funny-yet-smart presentations about the statistical likelihood of you being killed by zombies, witches, or ghouls, cyborg feminism, and how augmented and virtual realities are changing the way we learn . Also, the Nite will again start with trivia (optional) so bring some pals, form a team, and win some swell prizes!

*Presentation #1
You Might Be Killed By Zombies, Ghosts, Witches, Demons, Goblins, Centaurs, Mermaids, And/Or Tire Explosions
by Dr. Seth Baum

Description: The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention catalogs the many ways in which Americans die in its curiously named “Wonder” database ( However, its list is based on historical deaths, so while it does include tire explosions, bathtubs, plant thorns, marine animals, vibrations, and inhalation of gastric contents, it does not include other conceivable causes of death such as zombies, ghosts, witches, demons, goblins, centaurs, and mermaids. This presentation applies subjectivist (“Bayesian”) probability theory in the context of zero-fail data in order to assess the probability that you will be killed by zombies, ghosts, witches, demons, goblins, centaurs, mermaids, tire explosions, bathtubs, plant thorns, marine animals, vibrations, and/or inhalation of gastric contents. Despite theoretical arguments against the existence of zombies, ghosts, witches, demons, goblins, centaurs, and mermaids, the presentation argues that there is a nonzero probability that they will kill you, your family, and all your friends, but not the obnoxious guy who kept hitting on you in the Dollar Tree greeting card aisle.

Bio: Dr. Seth Baum is Executive Director of the Global Catastrophic Risk Institute. He believes that he is not a zombie, but does not believe he can completely convince you of this.

*Presentation #2
Cyborg Feminism and the Future of Technology
by Danya Glabau

Description: New medical and consumer technologies seem to be bringing us closer and closer to a future populated by androids and cyborgs. But what if we have always been cyborg? Technology theorists provide us with rich examples of the ways in which human bodies have always been augmented by technologies – and therefore always more than human. Cyborg feminists insist that this comes with ethical risks and opportunities: it might make it easier to exploit other people, but it might also provide us with the tools to create better, more pleasurable, and more equitable futures. Join Dr. Glabau to peer into the past, consider the present, and imagine the future of our cyborg societies.

Bio: Danya Glabau is a Core Faculty member at the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research and an Adjunct Instructor at NYU Tandon School of Engineering. Trained as an Anthropologist, she speaks and writes about how technologies shape our lives, including how we work, eat, build relationships, make decisions about what is ethical and what is immoral, and even what we think it means to be human. Her work has appeared in Real Life Magazine, Pax Solaria, Somatosphere, and in scholarly journals. She is currently writing a book about gender, technology, and food allergies.

*Presentation #3
Gamified Virtual Learning: Digital Experience Points
by Dr. Dave Eng

Description: Virtual reality? Gamified learning? Augmented reality!? The world is changing and education is changing with it! This presentation will examine the background of experiential learning (learning by doing) and how games and the digital world have changed it. Augmented reality (Pokemon GO) and virtual reality (Oculus Rift/HTC Vive) are covered as ways new to promote experiential learning.

Bio: Dr. Dave Eng is an adjunct professor and administrator at St. Thomas Aquinas College in Rockland, NY. His research interests include learning theory, technology, and games. He currently uses gamification and games based learning with his undergraduates. You can often find Dave around his favorite table top games. Find out more at