“HEROES” The Music of Prince & David Bowie, A benefit concert supporting Brooklyn Prospect Charter School

“HEROES” The Music of Prince & David Bowie

A benefit concert supporting Brooklyn Prospect Charter School

Lisa Fischer of the Rolling Stones, Vernon Reid of Living Colour, Dan Zanes, James Maddock, Martha Redbone, Claudia Acuña, DJ Herbert Holler

Thu, October 20, 2016

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


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This event is 21 and over

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“HEROES” The Music of Prince & David Bowie
A benefit concert supporting Brooklyn Prospect Charter School.
Featuring Lisa Fischer (of the Rolling Stones), Vernon Reid (of Living Colour), Dan Zanes, James Maddock, Martha Redbone, Claudia Acuna, DJ Herbert Holler (of Freedom Party), and more!
Dan Zanes
Dan Zanes, acclaimed by Time Magazine as the leading "Star of Kindie Rock," is at the forefront of the current wave of independent children's music. Zanes has toured around the world sharing his handmade 21st century social music with enthusiastic crowds of kids and kid sympathizers. The Grammy Award winner has released 12 original albums which introduced new songs and reconnected people of all ages to songs that have always been there—although they're often forgotten or hiding under a rock. Zanes occupies a unique place in American music where sea shanties, English music hall, North American and West Indian folk music, Mexican Son Jarocho, the spirit of early rock-and-roll and soulful originals collide. A Dan Zanes show is an opportunity for fans of both artists to join in a celebration of American family and roots music.
James Maddock
James Maddock
James Maddock was born in Leicester, England and grew up surrounded by music. Between listening to his grandfather on the ukulele and his father on the trombone, he quickly found that music was in his blood. This curiosity led him to start playing an old guitar that he discovered while exploring his house. Not long after this discovery, James was teaching himself the ropes by playing along to records of bands like the Eagles and Neil Young.
After playing in a few school bands, James decided to play professionally and became a regular performer at clubs around the Midlands in England. James further refined his skills as a songwriter and performer in London, eventually landing a demo session at the famed Abbey Road Studios. As a result, his music came to the attention of Columbia Records in New York City. In the end, James walked away with the record deal that enabled him to take his band "Wood" into the studio.

The record "Songs from Stamford Hill" (a reference to where he was living at the time) was born. "Stay You", the single from the album became a top 5 hit on the Adult Alternative charts. Songs from the album found homes on the first "Dawsons Creek", and the major motion picture "Serendipity", both substantial placements for a debut artist.

James toured with the US with Train, Paula Cole, Meshell Ngegecello as well as headlined shows all over the states. Since leaving Columbia, James has moved to New York and signed an exclusive publishing deal with Razor and Tie Music Publishing. His band features Spin Doctors drummer Aaron Comess and newly signed Ryko recording artist Leslie Mendelson.

James regularly plays at the famous Rockwood Music Hall, and has just recorded an EP of brand new songs. You can hear some of these songs on ABC Family's "Wildfire", as well as find the EP on iTunes, Rhapsody, and awarestore.com.
Claudia Acuña
Chilean singer/songwriter/arranger CLAUDIA ACUÑA possesses one of the most beautiful and compelling voices in jazz and creative music. While singing primarily in Spanish, her music crosses language barriers to communicate with power and deep feeling.

It was at the original Small's in Greenwich Village, a hotbed of young talent, that Acuña made the greatest strides, meeting and working with such artists as Jeff Ballard, Avishai Cohen, Frank Hewitt, Guillermo Klein, Jimmie Lovelace, Brad Mehldau, Harry Whittaker and the man who became her musical director and closest collaborator, pianist Jason Lindner. She was given a key to the club, which allowed her to rehearse on what became a daily basis. After initiating an early gig at the Zinc Bar, offers from other Manhattan clubs and restaurants followed. "Everyone was driven to explore, and was so supportive," she recalls. "It was like a little music gang. I knew then that I had made the right decision, and had arrived at the right place. I wasn't in school, but every note I heard was a lesson."

Record companies began to show interest in Acuña after a tape of one of her live performances began to circulate without her knowledge. She was signed to Verve Records in 1999, where she recorded two albums, Wind from the South and Rhythm of Life. A third disc, Luna, was recorded for MAXJAZZ in 2004, and her debut on the Marsalis Music label, En Este Momento, will be released in April 2009. Acuña has also recorded and toured with a host of performers including George Benson, Joey Calderazzo, Billy Childs, Roy Hargrove, Tom Harrell, Christian McBride, Danilo Perez and Pablo Ziegler. Over time, she has performed more of her material in her native language. "I always promised myself that I would honor my background," she says, "and I've gone from the point where there were always one or two songs in Spanish to where there are always one or two in English. But I don't want to lock myself into a formula because my growth has been organic, like a seed that produces more leaves, branches and flowers with each year."