Serious Business Rock and Roll Revue

Serious Business Rock and Roll Revue

Higgins, Benji Cossa, The Unsacred Hearts, Rocketship Park, + special guests!

Sat, May 26, 2012

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:30 pm


This event is 21 and over

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Serious Business Rock and Roll Revue - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
Serious Business Rock and Roll Revue
Serious Business is a record label, recording studio and musician's collective that began in 2004. They're bands are talented.

They will bring the rock and roll. Again.
Old pals who mine the fertile wells of the classic rock. The grooves are slow-burning and good-feeling. The playing is expert and soulful. There are layers of delicious melody tucked in every crevasse.

They've been around since '99 or '00 in some form or another, trolling Jersey, Long Island, or the 5 boroughs. They made their proper debut with their Dear Higgins. recorded in their Jersey kitchen, and it came out back in '06 on Maggadee. They've performed as a quartet, a duo and now most recently a mighty sextet.

Their newest album is called Zs

Recently Serious Business has issued Higgins' digital only odds and sods music-buffet Trust in Higgins Vol. 1 and a split 7" with Elephant 6 alum Andy From Denver.

We can't figure out why Higgins hasn't caught on yet. The band's debut, Dear Higgins, is full of the kind of lush, Beatlesesque, pop that almost everyone likes." Time Out New York

"Higgins...use the influence of their "classic rock Dads" to wail on your ass up and down..." The Deli

"60s pop played to absolute perfection. Everything that made that music so universally appealing in the first place."

"Higgins is not just any local rock band. They are quite probably the finest pop craftsmen with Hudson County roots that we have seen in the last decade."
Jersey City Independent

" Like Ringo Starr, Brian Kantor's solid, and charismatic, drumming provides the perfect accompaniment for Kevin Fish's ringing circular guitar patterns to wrap around" Big Takeover

"What is obvious is how they have an ear for a hook judging by the gloriously ballsy, Come."

"The band offers a rather sofisticated beat and psych influenced indie pop that often reminds us of Lennon's most melodic moments with the Beatles."
The Deli blog

"...full of multilayered melodies & harmonies with a laid-back, psychedelic, sunny vibe that recalls late Beatles and Beach Boys tunes."
Benji Cossa
Benji Cossa
An indie singer/songwriter whose spacy, twangy songs nodded to artists like Devendra Banhart, Sparklehorse, and the Mountain Goats, Benji Cossa slowly built a following throughout the late '90s and early 2000s thanks to his prolific nature as a songwriter and an appearance on the soundtrack of 2003's Zero Day. Cossa started writing tunes in 1995, during his sophomore year of college. He snagged a spot on a Krebstar Records cassette tape compilation one year later and went on to release his first album on that label, a cassette tape-only release with the wry title Cossacabana, in early 1997. Several more homemade albums and compilation tape appearances followed over the course of the next seven years, including the split 7" Rollacossa, the 4 for Tour cassette, and an appearance on the Magic Marker Records comp Can We Still Be Friends. Up until this point, Cossa was more or less on the unknown end of the indie rock spectrum; he didn't have a label and was still recording many of his tapes on his own. This changed in 2003, when he was approached by director Ben Coccio and commissioned to write a song for Zero Day, a film loosely based on the Columbine High School massacre. The highly controversial film more or less boosted Cossa out of the comp tape underground -- Magic Marker released an all-Cossa comp, Benji Cossa's Vault, Vol. 1 in 2005, and the artist released his first full-length studio effort, Between the Blue and the Green, on Serious Business in 2007. ~ Margaret Reges, Rovi
The Unsacred Hearts
The Unsacred Hearts
The Unsacred Hearts draw from a wide range of influences: formative punk rock, outlaw country, warped '60s blues, Dylan rhymes and gutbucket soul to name a few. These and other musical strands are apparent in Unsacred Hearts music but never supplant the band's own original noise.
Rocketship Park
Rocketship Park
Josh Kaufman makes songs that are hard to forget about. Ultra-melodic, lush, cinema-scope folk-pop about family, life, loss.