TJ Live w/ guests Patrick Schroeder, Reggie Conquest and Mia Jackson
Album Recording with Comedy Dynamics + Birthday Party


Patrick Schroeder, Reggie Conquest, Mia Jackson, DJ Hard Hittin' Harry

Ages 21+
Coinciding with his birthday, TJ brings along a few friends to record his Comedy Dynamics debut album at Littlefield. Celebrate!

Haitian comedian TJ, from FOX, Gotham Comedy Live, and who's been called a rising star by the New York Times, records his debut album with Comedy Dynamics! It's an hour of densely funny and deeply insightful material that cements TJ's position as a keen outsider looking at America and himself with curious eyes. He will be joined by guests Patrick Schroeder, Reggie Conquest, and Mia Jackson. The show also happens to fall on his 31st birthday. He likes to call it his second 30th birthday! Come for the recording. Stay for the birthday party that follows! With tunes by the great DJ Hard Hittin' Harry!

Venue Information:
635 Sackett Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11217