Songs for Slutty Girls

Songs for Slutty Girls

Ages 21+
A diary entry turned rock concert by Kailey Marshall.

Songs for Slutty Girls is a diary entry turned rock concert that examines the ecstasy, pain, and hilarity of sex through a year in the life of one woman. She is represented by four pop divas of her personality: Tramp, Skank, Whore, and Slut. At the start of the New Year, our protagonist hopes to make some big changes. Will she succeed or fall back into faking orgasms and flirting with fuck boys? This eccentric pop/rock party gives voice to the sexual moments in our lives that define us, for better or worse, and will inspire you to dance in the aisles and text your ex what you really think of them. Directed by Dana Greenfield with music direction by Macy Schmidt, with music, lyrics, and book by Kailey Marshall.

Limited seating available only for guest with "General Admission - Unreserved Seating" tickets.

$15 General Admission - Standing Room tickets will be sold at the door.

Venue Information:
635 Sackett Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11217