Punderdome®: NYC’s (and America’s) Comedy PUN Compuntition!

Punderdome®: NYC’s (and America’s) Comedy PUN Compuntition!



“NYC's hilarious cult-favorite pun competition ... both an endearingly homemade and impressively high-caliber show.” – The New York Times

Part of NYC’S comedy landscape since 2011, the PUNDERDOME® is the wild & crazy pun compuntition created by a “Rodney Dangerfield impersonator” and his alleged daughter (Fred and comedian Jo Firestone). The alleged dad will be hosting tonight’s Punderdome® 2.0 version – our first virtual show!

GQ Magazine shouted the Punderdome® as one of the “5 Funniest Nights in America,” and quoted comedian Chris Gethard on why it’s great: “The crowd. You’d think you were at the Roman Colosseum. They’re passionate, to a level that feels dangerous. And to reiterate, this is a pun competition.”

Punderdome® Live Video

Twelve individuals will have a chance to participate in competitive spontaneous pun-making, including Ten Punderdome® Champs! Other games tonight: “Can You Beat a ‘Dome Champ” where a newby-‘Domer is chosen to go one-on-one with a ‘Dome Champ of their choosing and PPPPs (Previously Prepared Punderdome® Puntifications) on current events/people in the news!

Since our first live show, pun-masters have been determined by the “Human Clap-O-Meter” who “accurately and scientifically” assessed levels of audience applause. In the virtual arena, the Human Clap will necessarily need to be modified, however, it will remain conceptually recognizable: “We the people” will still decide! Surveys will take the place of hearing ability (or lack thereof) – no longer will the Human Clap be called out, demeaned and forced to endure short and long-term emotional distress! And, for our first virtual show, we’re excited to announce that The New York Times Comedy Critic Jason Zinoman will be reprising his role as Punderdome® Celebrity Judge!

10% of donations/tickets will go to Coalition For The Homeless.

Link to streaming event will be sent with ticket confirmation.


“The lowly pun has long been considered the bottom-feeding bristle worm of the comedy world ….. That has changed with the arrival of Punderdome, a now monthly event that has turned punning into a high-functioning competition that is equal parts stand-up, beat poetry ….” - The New York Post

“Can you imagine a more potent cure for the weekday blues? Here was concentrated, unabashed silliness that I longed to bottle and smuggle out in my purse.” - The New Yorker

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photo credit: Martin Lei

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