Pregame with Gethard and Friends
with Martin Urbano, Meg Stalter and more

Chris Gethard

Ages 21+
A whole lot of fun in not a whole lot of time – so you can get back to A) partying hard or B) hiding from the NYE crowds.

Maybe you are SO fun that you like to fit an entire event into an evening before you start partying. Maybe you're someone who HATES fun so much that you want to be home by 9:30 PM on New Year's Eve.

Point being - there are MANY reasons you may want to attend a stand up comedy show starting at 7 PM on 12/31. Join NYC comedy mainstay Chris Gethard as he invites a gang of his funniest friends to the Littlefield stage so that they can make you laugh before you go and get wasted/before you go home and let the babysitter off the hook. This will be an evening of hilarious balls to the wall comedy that has a hard out at 9 PM. So you can feel free to use it as your pregame event before an epic night of throwing down, or make it literally the final thing you do this decade. Either is fine by us.

New Years Eve party packages available for this show!

Venue Information:
635 Sackett Street

Brooklyn, NY, 11217