I Get Wild plays the music of Talking Heads
Chris Harford's Band of Changes (Joe Russo, Dave Dreiwitz & Scott Metzger)

I Get Wild

Chris Harford & The Band Of Changes

Ages 21+
I Get Wild is once again bringing the music of Talking Heads to the Littlefield stage!

I Get Wild play the music of Talking Heads as an expression of love for the iconic band and their recordings and performances. In shows that are more seance than tribute, the creative rhythm section Annie Nero (bass/vocals) and Ray Rizzo (drums/vocals) drive a playful band dynamic with Stephanie Sanders (keys/vocals), Jeremy Haines (vocals), Michael Phillips (guitar), Conrad Doucette (percussion), and occasional special guests. Losing one's shit is optional but recommended.

Website: www.igetwild.band

FB: https://www.facebook.com/igetwildplayingtalkingheadsmusic

Instagram: @igetwildband

Chris Harford's Band of Changes is, as the title suggests, an ever evolving ensemble dynamic driven by the insatiable, infectious musical mind of Chris Harford, who invites musicians into the fold whenever he hears or sees something special. The Band of Changes set on December 17 at Littlefield will feature Chris' longtime musical friends Joe Russo (drums), Scott Metzger (guitar), and Dave Dreiwitz (bass), the engine behind Joe Russo's Almost Dead. http://chrisharford.com/

Venue Information:
635 Sackett Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11217