Friends of Single People
Valentine's Day Edition

Friends of Single People

Jo Firestone, John Reynolds, Gary Richardson, Celeste Yim, Aaron Jackson

Ages 21+
You won't be alone forever. Try letting a comedian act as your proxy onstage in a live dating game. It could be worse!

Doors open and sign-up begins at 7:00PM.

Comedians get to know single participants for approximately 10 minutes. After that, the singles get to sit anonymously in the crowd as the comedians do their best to represent their single and get them a date. Four (4) real couples have been formed as a direct result of this live show. Sign-ups start at 7pm. All orientations welcome.

Hosted by Jo Firestone (Butterboy, Joe Pera Talks With You).


John Reynolds (Search Party)

Gary Richardson (SNL)

Celeste Yim (Vice)

Aaron Jackson (National Lampoon Radio Hour)

Ashley Brooke Roberts (NPR)

Josh Sharp (Comedy Central)

Carmen Christopher (Adult Swim)

Samantha Ruddy (Colbert)

Kevin Iso (Comedy Central)

Rachel Pegram (Netflix)

Limited seating first-come, first-serve. Lineup subject to change.

Venue Information:
635 Sackett Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11217