Flying Pace (Record Release)
w/ Pocket Protector

Flying Pace

Pocket Protector

Ages 21+
Celebrate the Flying Pace record release with a live performance and special guests Pocket Protector.

Using quirky changes and delicate dynamics, Flying Pace is a band more likely to slowly seduce you than rock your face off. Their music has been described as “angular art rock with inventive, pensive structures” (Speak into My Good Eye) and signature whispery vocals by “one of the more interesting lyricists of Brooklyn these days” (Hearts Bleed Radio). Pollen, a new EP out on October 5th, is a collection of fantastical tales about Spanish bathhouses past their prime, steadfast night watchmen, funeral songwriting, and celebrity friend crushes.

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Supported by Pocket Protector.

Venue Information:
635 Sackett Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11217