Entirely From Memory
Presented by Ten Bones Theatre Company

Entirely From Memory

$10.00 - $12.00
Ages 21+
Performers recreate a classic movie - using only what they can remember after watching the film once the week prior.

Ten Bones Theatre Company is thrilled to be back for our next installment of the Entirely From Memory series.

Performers will attempt to perfectly recreate a classic movie as best they can without the aid of scripts, rehearsals, or sobriety. All they'll have is their memory and a recent viewing of the film. How certain are we that they'll succeed? So certain that we're making it harder for them.

To add to the challenge, there are a few rules:

-Performers won't know what role they are playing until they get onstage.

-Performers must seamlessly incorporate lines written by the audience.

-Performers must seamlessly incorporate any sound effects played by the tech booth.

-One lucky audience member will be given a horn that they can honk four times. Once honked, the actors must create a deleted scene that has no business being in the movie but makes perfect sense given where they are in the story.

Love the movie? We got you covered. Never seen it? We got you covered. You think you saw it once and you kind of remember it? You're probably in the show.

Limited seating. Your ticket does not guarantee a seat.

Venue Information:
635 Sackett Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11217