Elliott Smith at 50
w/ Joanna Sternberg, Steve Hartlett, Rebecca Satellite and more

Elliott Smith at 50

Ages 21+
A handful of inspired singer-songwriters convene to celebrate the would-have-been 50th birthday of the master of melancholy.

Over the span of seven albums, Elliott Smith captured a world of melancholy with an unmatched sense of lyricism and depth. Since his passing in 2003 his music has become only more beloved, particularly to the songwriters that carry on in his footsteps. To celebrate what would have been Smith’s fiftieth birthday this August, we’re convening a group of Elliott Smith-influenced songwriters to play and sing his songs at Littlefield - less than a mile away from where he once lived. Join us August 9 for Elliott Smith at 50.


Joanna Sternberg

Steve Hartlett

Rebecca Satellite & Frank Rathbone

Paige Johnson-Brown

Mikey Buishas

Greg Albert

Lucia Arias

Mel Flannery & Gabe Cummins

Nick Llobet

Nate Mendelsohn

Nate Terepka & Megan Hattie-Stahl

Emmett Farley

Venue Information:
635 Sackett Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11217