Tiny particles oscillate all around us, pass through us, in patterns we subconsciously fall in rhythm with. Transverse Waves is a collection of paintings that revel in the infinite potential of what we know, what we dream, and where these waves can reach. Augmented reality, by digital artist Kyle Szostek become a portal to another worldextended waveforms.

Morgan is a New York City native, and works out of her studio in Bushwick. She is a multi-disciplinary, self-taught visual artist who has extensive practice with pen & ink illustration, site specific mural work, and painting. Her work continues to evolve as she continues to experiment, collaborate, and incorporate different mediums and techniques. She has exhibited her work in galleries across the US in several different events and exhibits. For more info visit her website or follow her on Instagram.

Kyle is the founder of Simulation Lab, a digital art studio based in Brooklyn. Creating 3D motion graphics, photo-realistic renderings, animation, and augmented / virtual reality. For more info visit his website or follow him on Instagram