Exhibit by Em Tepikian

Em Tepikian is a Brooklyn based artist and photographer. She graduated with a BFA in Photography from Pratt Institute.  Doing large chalk drawings under the name Broke in Brooklyn she attempts to color the streets and entice people to look up from their busy lives. Through traveling and exploring the world Em has had the privilege to experience many different lifestyles and cultures, using that experience as inspiration for future creations. Broke in Brooklyn was not an idea or planned, it is art that was created as a reaction to the struggles of living and trying to exist in Brooklyn.

This exhibition of pieces was created as a permanent form of Broke In Brooklyn.  Generally the creations of Broke In Brooklyn are impermanent expressions placed randomly throughout nyc and when possibly, the rest of the world.  Symmetrical colorful chalk drawings that erase when it rains, making the world a clean canvas to create again. These drawings are made to make the world a more colorful place, to get the masses to stop and look at their surroundings.

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