Describing Equilibrium

Exhibit by Gocha Tsinadze

Gocha Tsinadze is a multimedia artist. He works and lives in Brooklyn, NY and hails from the Republic of Georgia. He holds an MFA from Brooklyn College and has exhibited in the US and abroad. His work deals with an exhaustive approach to language and the subconscious.

The drawings, paintings, installations are studies of a process in abstraction as a subconscious linguistic system. Formally, the work explores the meeting place between drawing and painting, as the drawings attempt to float on the surface of the painting all while engaging the painting as a whole. The visual shapes are created through a linear drawing process which acts to describe hypothetical physical forms and abstract webs of temporal activity.

Tsinadze is interested in the semiotics created out of this process, a kind of aesthetic equilibrium as achieved by an improvised aggregate system.”

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