Time Regret And Math

Exhibit by Katie Merz

These are pieces from various roofing paper projects that I have done over the past two years. The long one  ( vertical ) went into the window of Jesse’s Bodega, on the corner of Atlantic and Bond Street.  It was  a pictographic protest over the closing of Jesse’s which had been there for twenty five years.   The rent hike forced it to close and in the interim these filled its front windows. It reads as a deciphering of the current neighborhood struggle with money bags, high rises and four dollar coffees. The other pieces were from an installation in a gallery in Lincoln, Nebraska were I de-coded 5 pages of a poem written by Grace Bauer. These are traditionally called rebus. It is when you take apart language and make each word into a symbol that re spells the word in image form.  It is like writing literal code or basic hieroglyphs.  I think of it as making current-day simplistic,  analogue Emojis.

About the artist:

As a kid growing up in Brooklyn, I have always been interested in connecting art to the built and external environment of the street. I currently work in a very simple white on black style that translates quickly into an easily read, pictographic language that looks like a classroom blackboard or the work of a kid on an asphalt street. This language creates a convergence between graffiti, coding and the mathematical deduction of everyday language. What I do now is not so different from what I did as a kid – playing outside, messing with language and drawing. Over the past year my work has come onto the streets not far from where it began. I am now working almost entirely on found and commissioned projects that inhabit a specific architecture. Lines and respect for the changing integrity of line is what the practice is.

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