Heavy lifting


Writing Pictures

Exhibit by Noah Pollack

Noah Pollack graduated from Columbia College. He has worked as an artist in New York City since 1996.
Artist Statement:

My drawings are made with rubber stamps, folded paper and block-printing inks. Sometimes, I color the paper beforehand with watercolors, chalk, crayons or graphite.

The rubber stamps allow me to press and move, press and move. The mark can be a form in itself, it can be part of a larger form composed of several marks, or it can be both at once, just as a more traditionally made mark can. What I find pleasing about this technique is that the viewer sees each stamp mark as just one tick of the clock.

Many of my drawings start with an impulse: “What would it look like if…” Others are carefully planned out and constructed from words or phrases arranged into shapes and then fitted together like puzzle pieces. A three-letter word will become a triangle; four letters, a rectangle; five, a pentagon. The phrase comes to me first and later I’ll figure out a composition. The phrases have come from common phrases, song lyrics or my own imagination.​


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