Gold Rush


2016 Gold Rush Awards | Swoon

Exhibit by Swoon

Swoon, aka Caledonia Curry, is one of the honorees for the Gold Rush Awards 2016, presented by Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation.

Swoon is a classically trained visual artist and printmaker who explores the relationship between people and their built environment. Her first interventions in the urban landscape were wheat-pasting portraits to the walls of cities around the world, work which is still evolving today.

Swoon has become a symbol of art and philanthropy. Her works often shed light on issues of social justice and she is the founder of the Heliotrope Foundation. The Heliotrope Foundation builds spaces of wonder that serve as catalysts for local change, making direct positive impacts on communities. The Heliotrope Foundation currently has three areas of focus: Braddock Tiles in North Braddock, PA, The Music Box in New Orleans, LA, and the Konbit Shelter in Komye, Haiti.

Swoon’s work has been collected and shown internationally at galleries and museums, including the Brooklyn Museum, Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, the Institute of Contemporary Art Boston, and the Sao Paolo Museum of Art.

Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation, founded by Danny, Russell and Joseph “Rev. Run” Simmons, is dedicated to providing inner city youth across New York City with significant exposure to the arts, as well as to supporting emerging artists with exhibition opportunities. Public and youth programming takes place at Rush Arts Gallery, Corridor Gallery, and through the Rush Education programs.

Proceeds from the sales of these works will benefit Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation and The Heliotrope Foundation. For sales please contact

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