Without Words - Promo Image 1000x667

Without Words

Exhibit by Salim Hasbini

The strongest photographs speak deepest, tugging at your mind, drawing emotion and narratives from you. Though what you interpret might not be the photograph’s true meaning, it doesn’t matter. The goal was met. A connection was made with the viewer. I hunt for this quality because it’s the most difficult to capture. Not only must each photograph be technically composed, but the intimacy must be there.

After each workday, I long for something special: a romantic sight, a humorous scene, or surreal surroundings. I search far and wide for signs of life outside my drab office building, photographing during morning commutes, lunch breaks and purposely taking the long way home. I found slices of time where these intimate qualities meet, taking on life and meaning of their own to myself and to the audience. These photos begin and end in the heart. Without Words is the result.

While at Brooklyn College, I enrolled in a basic photography course after learning my grandfather was an avid photographer. Following his lead, I learned the basics of film photography and developed the same love for the medium. My biggest influences are André Kertész and Garry Winogrand. I studied them intensely, admiring how they played with light and street scenes to tell stories. My work is a combination of that aesthetic, escapism and the surreal.

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