Prints Gone Wild

Exhibit and Art Sale by Various Artists, Curated by Cannonball Press

Cannonball Press is a Brooklyn-based print publishing house dedicated to black and white woodcut and letterpress printing. Founded by Martin Mazorra and Mike Houston in 1999, Cannonball has consistently published the work of emerging and established talent and sold it for 20 dollars each.  From the start, their mission has been to produce high-quality, affordable one-pass black and white prints by artists whose work they respect.

Around 2004, in addition to publishing, they started to make large-scale collaborative woodcut prints, prints on canvas, sculptures, performances, and installations. The work they’ve produced has taken them to Hong Kong, Estonia, South Africa, Finland, Maui, Germany, and Denmark, as well as numerous domestic cities. They’ve lectured at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and were named US Artist Ford Fellows in 2009.

Cannonball also conceived of and runs the popular affordable art fair called Prints Gone Wild in New York every year, which brings together a dozen of the top affordable printmakers in the U.S. for a weekend during New York Fine Art Print Week. The eighth Print Gone Wild was held here at Littlefield on Nov. 7th, 2014.

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Featured Artists:
Drive By Press (Brooklyn, NY)
Florence Gidez (Brooklyn, NY)
Bikini Press International (Minneapolis, MN)
Sean Star Wars (Laurel, MS)
Non Grata Collective (Parnu, Estonia)
Raking Light Projects (Colorado)
Evil Prints (St. Louis, MO)
Deerjerk and Haypeep (West Virginia)
Church of Type (Los Angeles, CA)
Justseeds (Brooklyn, NY)
The Amazing Hancock Bros. (Austin, TX)
Cannonball Press (Brooklyn, NY)