Post Plastic Project, Art & Music Benefit Group Art Show

Post Plastic Project

Art & Music Benefit Group Art Show

Whale Belly, Panoramic & True, The Robin Electric, Little Grey Girlfriend

Sun Jun 5

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Art reception FREE - $10 Music - Raffle Proceeds benefits Project Kaisei

Post Plastic Project
Post Plastic Project
Post Plastic Project: ART & MUSIC Benefit
Group art show, live music & fundraising event to keep plastic out of the ocean.

Proceeds go to - an organization whose mission is to Capture the Plastic Vortex - the area in the NW Pacific where currents converge to form the single largest trash mass in the world.

Art Reception 6:00 pm, followed by music showcase at 7:00 pm
MC's: Brooke Van Poppelen & Lucas Molandes
Performances by Panoramic & True, Little Grey Girlfriend, The Robyn Electric, and Whale Belly.

Contributing artists & designers:
Ariane Irle
Ben Peterson
Chris Luttrell
Christine Nguyen
Daria Tessler
Graham Slick
Flavio Medina
Karen Ingram
Laura Beale
Lindsay Bourget
Mara Smalley
Mariana Silva
Mauricio Leon
Ricardo Villavicencio
Travis Simon
...and more!

Art reception FREE (50%+ of all artwork will be donated to the cause - so stock up!). $10 cover for music. And raffle!
Whale Belly - (Set time: 11:00 PM)
Whale Belly
Whale Belly was formed by Todd Bogin and Nick Smeraski in 2010. What started as two friends' experimentations in songwriting and recording has turned into a debut album called ...The Smile at the End of the Slope, an intense, raw mix of determined folky-blues-rock which has been receiving enormous praise. In their short existence, Whale Belly has toured as a supporting act for nationally-known bands, been featured on various radio stations, and gained a cult following around Brooklyn with fun and rollicking live shows.
Panoramic & True - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Panoramic & True
Panoramic & True is a Chicago band formed around the songwriting of John Lennox. P&T blends raw, colorful rock n’ roll with the dynamic palette of a full string section. Add Lennox’s lyrical scope and P&T delivers a seductive brand of layered, unpredictable, and smart pop. Like a sonnet cycle in music-form, the songwriting is honest, and spans the emotional spectrum from the dark and intimate to the epic.
The Robin Electric - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
The Robin Electric
The Robin Electric play edgy, unbridled rock and roll, with loud crunchy guitar and 3 part harmonies that lay perfectly in the groove of longtime battery mates. The songs are well crafted, melodic numbers, with enough grit to overcome any stylistic stigma thrown about by even the most cynical listener. The brand new band formed when Jesse Bryson (of Cleveland bands 'Rosavelt' and 'The Bryson Group) joined forces with the New York rhythm section of John Melville and Ben Toro (formerly of 'The Everyothers').
Little Grey Girlfriend - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
Little Grey Girlfriend
Little Grey Girlfriend
Indie pop/rocktronica group, Little Grey Girlfriend, is one of the most diverse bands to hit the Brooklyn music scene. Led by the classical, sweet siren vocals of Erika Lloyd, and rounded out by the talented Brad Whiteley (keys), Cameron Mizell (guitar) and Kenneth Salters (drums), Little Grey Girlfriend explores a variety of sounds and instruments in their quirky, unique songwriting and dramatic range. Their latest EP, Green-Wood, is a solid continuation of their well-crafted, experimental, and innovative sound, filled with detailed drum programming and layers of digital sound blended with a hint of jazz guitar and capped off by Lloyd’s powerhouse vocals. Her remarkable ability to transition from her classical soprano roots to contemporary rock is just one of the elements that make Little Grey Girlfriend such a dynamic and distinctive act to experience.
Venue Information:
635 Sackett St
Brooklyn, NY, 11217