OXHEART & Quiet Lunch present: The Gowanus Thirteen

Early show

OXHEART & Quiet Lunch present: The Gowanus Thirteen

Caged Animals, DJ Jamieson Hill, Air Painter, PHAROAHS, Gregory Siff, Harry Folsom, Al Benkin, Olivia Larrain, Kelly Forsyth, Krys Fox, Glenford Nunez, Eric Rose, Niky Roehreke, Hayley McCulloch, Derek Weisberg, Joe Murtagh, Keebs

Sun Oct 13

2:00 pm

$7.00 - $10.00

This event is 21 and over

OXHEART & Quiet Lunch present: The Gowanus Thirteen
OXHEART & Quiet Lunch present: The Gowanus Thirteen
After briefly meeting each other in a dark, graffiti-covered alley, OXHEART and Quiet Lunch knew it was lust at first sight. OXHEART, that fiery vixen, and Quiet Lunch, the seductive intellectual, inspired the danger in each other. Before New York knew it, the treacherous twosome were rounding up their band of misfits and taking the art world by storm with “THE GOWANUS THIRTEEN,” the latest event collaboration from New York’s newest raucous powerhouses.

“THIRTEEN” will be held on Sunday, October 13 from 2pm to 6pm at Littlefield in Brooklyn (622 Degraw Street, Gowanus). The event will feature the works of 13 fine artists:

Gregory Siff
Harry Folsom
Al Benkin
Olivia Larrain
Kelly Forsyth
Krys Fox
Glenford Nunez
Eric Rose
Niky Roehreke
Hayley McCulloch
Derek Weisberg
Joe Murtagh

Expect rad tuneage from DJ Jamieson Hill (VH1, Ralph Lauren), Air Painter, Pharoahs, and headlining band Caged Animals. Admission is $7 presale and $10 door.
Come and join this band of rogues for an afternoon of blowing your mind. Or else.

“OXHEART is a sexy word,” says the art, music, and performance collaborative’s founder Bryn (Larson) Krenner. “‘OX’ equals strength, in my mind, ‘HEART’ equals our passion and love for gathering gifted talents together to showcase their work. Also, ‘HEAR’ is for the music and ‘ART’ is for exactly that.”

OXHEART’s priority is to focus on all artists, providing them with an exciting opportunity to connect and gain exposure to new audiences. Passionate about showcasing the plentiful talent found in the New York area, OXHEART is all about the people who create art, in whatever form it takes.

About Quiet Lunch:
“Cerebral sustenance daily for the tortured worker bee,” Quiet Lunch magazine is an online publication promoting only the most enlightening in artistic life and culture. Launched in 2010 by Akeem Duncan, the publication’s “sole intent is to provoke your thoughts and tickle your funny bone” and “encourage our readers to form their own ideas, their own thoughts and to follow their own path of happiness that will eventually lead to their inner and outer wealth.”
Caged Animals
Caged Animals
Caged Animals is a lo-fi/synth-pop project of Vincent Cacchione, frontman of Soft Black.
Venue Information:
635 Sackett St
Brooklyn, NY, 11217