Great Elk, Wynn Walent, Matt Singer

3 year Haiti Earthquake anniversary Relief Show

Great Elk

Wynn Walent

Matt Singer

Thu, January 10, 2013

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:30 pm


This event is 21 and over

*** All proceeds go to Haiti relief efforts ***

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Great Elk - (Set time: 10:30 PM)
Great Elk
Great Elk is a rock band based in Brooklyn, NY, like most other rock bands. They will not apologize for having named their band for a woodland creature except this once: Sorry.
Great Elk is Paul Basile, Patrick Hay, Bryan Trenis, Tommy Harron and Adam Christgau.

"Music for falling in love in snowy weather." – The Deli

Great Elk's music is both disturbing and comforting, like meeting someone for the first time and discovering they know everyone you've ever loved. Their sound is the result of years of collaboration between primary songwriter Paul Basile, a New York native, and guitarist Patrick Hay, a Virginia transplant. Basile’s visceral, world-weary vocals and the lonesome wails of Hay’s guitar coalesce into a sound that is sometimes soothing, sometimes clamorous, but always engaging.
Wynn Walent - (Set time: 9:30 PM)
Wynn Walent
Tabarre, Haiti - Thanksgiving 2010

I write this note hurriedly, and from inside of a shipping container that has been converted to an office. The container sits outside of the st. damien's hospital, which is shown on the cover of this e.p. I've been living and working in haiti since february, and before that I was in peru working at an orphanage in a small town called Lunahuana. In both places i've had moments of great beauty and peace and i've also seen a good share of misery, pain, and suffering. The beauty moments I could never describe in a song or a story, and the energy that would be needed to describe the pain and desperation that i've seen will likely not come to me anytime soon.

To miss something is to actively long for it, and in that sense I don't miss playing music or shows, nor playing the guitar really. That being said I really enjoyed spending a night in September with my good and talented friend Jon Crawley, playing some songs I've never recorded into a single microphone in his room. Jon did all the rest of what you hear, with the exception of the truly perfect mandolin and pedal steel provided by my true and old friend Kerry Hutcherson. I really enjoyed listening to what Jon did. He's probably the most sincere person I know and it comes across in the way he plays music I think.

This record is available for free download, but if you find it worthy of pay, you can name your own price using the buy now link above. Any money provided will go directly into the hands of haitian people that I know well. Be it for food money, school fees, to buy some tin roofing, or to pay for a funeral. Basic things.

I don't have the space, time, or energy to recount the depth of the need here in Haiti, but you can trust that it is as real as anything else that is real. The world is organized in a strange way, and while there are a great number of complexities in addressing the injustice that we've created, it is undeniable when you sit in a cholera tent watching a young mother die that the injustice of it all is a sick, real, and observable truth.

If you get this record you're probably on the lucky side of the draw when it comes to filling your basic needs and choosing the life you lead. I hope you'll not only enjoy the songs but also give some money to a few people in haiti that could really use it. If you can't spare much or any at all, I'm still more than glad to share a share with you.
Matt Singer - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
Matt Singer
“Everyone will find their favorite part, but the jury is still out on me — I can’t pick just one moment. It’s all so good.” - Underrated Magazine

” ‘The Drought‘ is unapologetically dorky, generous with well-placed fuckwords, and genuinely fun.” - We Also Ran

”Matt Singer writes to amuse himself, and that’s a good thing. His perspective is delightfully warped with a strong wit and wrapped in gorgeously melodic songwriting.” - Wildy’s World

”Laughter, cheers, and people loudly singing along make it hard to hear the naughty things he does with the (former) First Lady.”– Beyond Race

“Matt Singer is all about words. His songs change topic like most people breathe, jumping from the awkwardness of childhood to love, to Jesus, to Jews, to welfare reform, to the hand of judgment to trick-or-treating on Halloween, and back to being ‘the awkward fat kid.’” - Urban Folk