Hot Sugar (LIVE)

Ninja Tune Presents Hot Sugar's "Moon Money" EP Launch

Hot Sugar (LIVE)

Xaphoon Jones (DJ Set), Big Baby Gandhi (LIVE), Extreme Animals (LIVE), J-Zone DJ Set, Dapwell (of Das Racist) DJ Set, Visuals by Steamclam Media Empire

Thu May 24

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Hot Sugar (LIVE) - (Set time: 12:00 AM)
Hot Sugar (LIVE)
Armed with snares made from human bones, kicks fashioned from an ultra-amplified rat’s heartbeat and melodies from the breathing of an 86 year old man covered head to toe in tattoos, New York City’s Nick Koenig aka Hot Sugar has the ability to take even the most obscure found sounds and turn them into some of the most melodious and
infectious compositions in electronic music today. Nowhere is that more apparent than on his latest EP, the stunning Moon Money set to drop on Ninja Tune.

The ability to record every day sounds, or not so every day when it comes to standing outside in a hurricane to map the sound of the wind to a keyboard, and turn them into catchy, well disguised melodies and rhythms is a musical style Koenig has deemed Associative Music.

And, if Hot Sugar is Associative Music’s founder, then Moon Money may play as its manifesto. Koenig’s impressive collection of environmental sounds are transformed into nine brilliantly cohesive songs that are more than listenable. From the yearning harmonics and soaring melancholy on “The Kid Who Drowned at Summer Camp” to the defamiliarised soundtrack to lunacy that is #Mindcontrol, Koenig’s grasp of melody is ever present and packs a visceral punch.

Koenig’s talent and refreshing, one of a kind approach to making music has not gone unrecognized. A multi-instrumentalist, he recently produced the opening track on The Roots’ latest critically acclaimed
album Undun, has collaborated with the likes of MC Paul Barman, Louis Logic and J-Zone and is currently working with Das Racist affiliate, Big Baby Gandhi.

In a musical climate where genres and “what’s in” come and go at a rapid pace, Hot Sugar is pushing boundaries while still maintaining a healthy sense of skepticism and fun throughout his work. So maybe you can’t relate to letting a rat play your piano, but those captured sounds, along with all the others in Hot Sugar’s well disguised musical compositions, make you feel something and that’s really all Koenig wanted in the first place.
Xaphoon Jones (DJ Set) - (Set time: 1:00 AM)
Xaphoon Jones (DJ Set)
Xaphoon Jones aka. Noah B is one half of Chiddy Bang.
Big Baby Gandhi (LIVE) - (Set time: 10:30 PM)
Big Baby Gandhi (LIVE)
Big Baby Gandhi brings a powerful new voice and an entirely different perspective to the world of hip hop, from his corner of the world in Queens. The many sides of the 22 year old rapper shine bright on 'No1 2 Look Up 2, a charismatic mixtape released on Greedhead, the record label from Himanshu Suri (aka Heems from Das Racist). 'No1 2 Look Up 2' received praise from critics across the board, ranging from Complex ("Big Baby Gandhi has built some solid buzz, and he's already impressed with the tracks he's dropped leading up to this mixtape") to FADER ("Yet another example of the continued resurgence of New York rap"). Hot Sugar was on production duties for a few cuts on the mixtape, with their collaboration 'Get $$$' getting particular attention ( This marks the first time Hot Sugar and Big Baby Gandhi will share a stage.
Extreme Animals (LIVE) - (Set time: 11:15 PM)
Extreme Animals (LIVE)
Extreme Animals is Jacob Ciocci and David Wightman. Over the past 9 years this prolific duo has released countless CD-Rs, tapes and videos and gone on self-booked DIY tours at least once a year, influencing a wide array of younger musicians, artists and video-makers with their unique combination of noise, dance music, and performance art.

Their sound began (as early as 2002) as an approach to 90s trance anthems interpreted through the lens of damaged noise music, with David on spastic drums and Jacob on junk electronics and distorted vocals.Their live show and sound has evolved and now consists of elaborate videos, guitar, and incorporates a range of sonic references from baroque music to booty bass to mash-ups and metal guitar shredding, while still maintaining the rawkus emotional immediacy that has been their hallmark for the past 8 years. Their videos (directed by Jacob Ciocci, Paper Rad founding member) have been imitated the world over, combining hyper remixes of popular culture with original animation into a bewildering maelstrom of contemporary American pathos.

Their audience is a rare cross-over between art and music culture, allowing them to transition fluidly between galleries like Deitch Projects or museums like MOMA (automatic update, 2006) to legendary underground music venues like Wham City and The Smell. They have shared the stage with many of the most game-changing acts of the last 10 years including: Yacht, Lightning Bolt, Dan Deacon, Juiceboxxx, Teengirl Fantasy, and Javelin and they have releases out on critically acclaimed independent labels such as Load Records, DeathBomb Arc, Viscious Pop and Audio Dregs.
J-Zone DJ Set - (Set time: 9:45 PM)
J-Zone DJ Set
J-Zone is a cult figure in the world of hip hop, gaining street cred (and literary cred) for a number of reasons. He’s an artist with as much integrity as prolificacy. From the debut of his ‘Music For Tu Madre’ album on his own Old Maid Entertainment label in 1999, for instance, J-Zone created a whirlwind of albums as both a producer and rapper: ‘A Bottle of Whup Ass in 2000,’ ‘Pimps Don't Pay Taxes in 2001, ;‘Sick of Bein' Rich in 2003,’ ‘A Job Ain't Nuthin' but Work in 2004,’ ‘Gimme Dat Beat Fool in 2005,’ ‘Boss Hog Barbarians: Every Hog Has Its Day, Experienced!,’ and ‘To Love a Hooker’ (the instrumental soundtrack to a non-existent film) in 2006, and ‘Live at the Liqua Sto’ in 2008. As a producer and engineer, J-Zone’s worked with Biz Markie, E-40, SNL’s Lonely Island, Gnarls Barkley, Masta Ace, King T, Pete Rock, Prince Paul, Large Professor, Tha Alkaholiks, Del tha Funkee Homosapien, and Devin The Dude, to name a few.

And as a published author and journalist, J-Zone has not only written for the likes of The Source and Hip Hop Connection, but his writing has also been found in textbooks (Common Culture: Sixth Edition; Prentice Hall, 2009). Additionally, he released his first book, ‘Root for the Villain: Rap, Bullshit, and a Celebration of Failure’ last year.

J-Zone will be bringing down a crate of vinyl records for a rare, and hugely educational, set.
Dapwell (of Das Racist) DJ Set - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Dapwell (of Das Racist) DJ Set
Das Racist's Dapwell, aka Ashok Kondaboluh, is many things at once. As a member of one of hip hop's most unconventional and groundbreaking/scene-splitting groups, Dapwell is an innovative artist that continually changes shape. Das Racist's first commercial album, Relax, saw the group work alongside the likes of Diplo and Yeasayer, and was named in many year-end "best of" lists in 2011, including Rolling Stone and Spin, as well as being named by Spin as the fourth best rap album of the year.

Dapwell, a New York resident, is known for his sharp sense of wit and abundance of opinion, in addition to having a dense knowledge of Chinatown (ttp:// But nothing tops his wide-ranging music collection, which is as vast and revolutionary as would be expected. A Dapwell DJ set is likely to leave jaws on the floor, don't sleep.
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635 Sackett St
Brooklyn, NY, 11217