When is littlefield open?

We’re only open for events, so check out our calendar for business hours, or sign up on our email list and Facebook page for the latest updates. We’re generally open every night and sometimes during the daytime on weekends.

Where is littlefield?

The charm of being on an industrial block in the Gowanus is that there are few signs and the street numbers are not always in order. The venue is located at 635 Sackett St, between 3rd and 4th Aves, across from Lucky 13 Saloon.

What is your phone number?

Who has a landline anymore?! Send your questions (or comments) by email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

What kind of events do you have at littlefield?

Littlefield showcases live music of all genres, as well as variety shows including world-class comedy, theatre and dance. Check out our popular Butterboy comedy show every Monday, game shows like Punderdome 3000, dance parties like Reggae Retro, storytelling events like Mortified, and of course a variety of live music. We also have art receptions, fundraisers, theatre events, film screenings, food and craft events.

Do you host private events, parties and weddings?

Yes, contact Julie at juki@littlefieldnyc.com for special public events and Scott at scott@littlefieldnyc.com for weddings, birthdays and other private events.

How can my band play at littlefield?

In the immortal words of Steve Martin: “You simply have to be so good that people can’t ignore you…” – But seriously. Our room is quite large so you must guarantee at least 100 people. Email your proposal to booking@littlefieldnyc.com and we will do our best to get back to you if the event makes sense for our room.  For a faster response please include as much detail as possible such as a full lineup, past performances and draw in order to be considered. Sorry, we don’t have open slots for bands!

How do I get my artwork shown in the gallery?

Send your online portfolio or URL to booking@littlefieldnyc.com. We typically book 3 months out for art exhibits.

Does littlefield serve food?

Littlefield itself does not serve food, but since we moved from our previous location on Degraw St to our new digs on Sackett, we added a sister-bar and restaurant right next to the venue. It’s called Parklife. We think you’ll like it. If you are interested in catering for your event, contact Scott at scott@littlefieldnyc.com for recommendations.

I don’t want to pay the ticket service fees. Do you have a box office where I can purchase tickets in advance?

Sorry, we do not have a box office. We are paperless (Go Green!), so advance tickets can only be purchased online through our website. You can purchase online up until 2 hour before doors. You can also buy tickets at the door on the night of the event, assuming it is not sold out.

If a show is sold out, can I still get tickets?

It really depends on the event. We will announce on our website and social media if we are releasing extra tickets at the door. Usually there is a standby line for tickets at the door unless it is absolutely sold out. You can also use our Lyte Ticket Exchange, which is activated for sold out shows – it’s an online service where people can resell tickets they’re unable to use after all. You might get lucky.

If I can’t make it to the show and need to transfer my ticket, or a show is canceled and I want to get a refund, what do I do?

Ticketfly is your point of sales. They will change the name under your reservation as well as refund your tickets for a canceled or rescheduled show. Contact Ticketfly directly via their website or by phone (877-435-9849).

Does littlefield have any seats?

The main performance area is standing room only unless we have a specific event that provides seating. If there is seating, it will be limited and not reserved. We have comfy chairs in the gallery and seating around the bar, however please do not move the furniture around. If you need help renting additional chairs and other equipment for your event, contact Mads at mads@littlefieldNYC.com.

Is littlefield handicapped accessible?

Absolutely! We comply with all NYC regulations for accessibility and safety.

Does littlefield have a bike rack?

We don’t, but there are plenty of bike racks all along Degraw Street.

Do I really need to bring my ID?

Yes, please. We’d really hate to turn you away at the door. NYS requires everyone to carry some form of ID and since we’re a bar, we’re required to check your legal state ID or passport for proof of age. And please remember that school IDs don’t count!

Are kids allowed at littlefield?

No one under 21 is allowed.

Are dogs allowed at littlefield?

We heart dogs, but unfortunately they are not allowed here. Please be considerate of people who have pet allergies or are just plain scared of dogs, even small cuddly ones.

Do you have an ATM machine?


Does your bar accept credit cards?